Restarts after labor day break for the summer Join us for our regular hours monday through friday 3:00 - 7:00
PARENTS AND PRESCHOOLERS Mon - Fri 10am-1pm Welcome to our parents with preschoolers program. We hope this will be a fun experience for you. Think of this as a “park under a roof”. When you visit a park, you supervise your children making sure they do not wander off into the street, etc. This is how our program will work. You will supervise your little ones while having fun in our child-friendly play area. Everyone must sign a waiver. We have playground equipment, bounce houses, a coloring station, videos and books for a well rounded environment for your children. Videos and books will be provided. For safety reasons, we recommend shoes while using the equipment here at The Warehouse. No glass bottles or dishes will be allowed in the play area.
Question & Answers 1. Will there be an age limit? Yes, they must be preschool age - six or under. 2. Will the facility be open for home schooled children? No, they must be preschool age. At this point we do not have staff to accommodate home schooling programs. 3. Would this setting be appropriate for a 19 month old? Yes, we have an area for little toddlers. 4. What kind of supervision will be provided? You are the supervisor of your children. This is not a day care program. 5. Is there a structured program for the children? No, this is a time for you and your little ones to come and enjoy each other. Play together and just have fun! 6. Can we have parties? No, all parties must be scheduled and will be held in a separate area. 7. Can we bring food? Snacks only and they must be eaten at a table. As you would do at the park when your children get hungry or tired, it may be time to take them home, feed them and give them a nap. 8. Can one adult take several unrelated children to play? No, we must limit the adult to two unrelated toddlers. 9. Can grandparents come with their grandchildren? Yes, definitely! We welcome anyone who is involved in the child’s life.

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