All class schedules are posted the week before the new month. All sign-ups are in person only.


Pottery on the Wheel* and Handbuilding* are offered on an alternating basis each week. Spots limited.


1st and 2nd Week of the Month = Handbuilding

3rd and 4th Week of the Month = Pottery on The Wheel


Please don't sign up for wheel lessons until you've taken 2 handbuilding lessons.


AGES: Children under 9 can not take pottery on the wheel. Children under 9 can take handbuilding with parental supervision.


First time?

Pay attention to this order!


Each time you sign up you will learn something new!

Each student goes in this order when they sign up for a lesson.


Beginner 1st and 2nd Weeks of the Month

             Lesson #1 Handbuilding – coil pots

             Lesson #2 Handbuilding – slab mug


Intermediate 3rd and 4th Weeks of the Month

             Lesson #3 Pottery on the Wheel – Bowl

             Lesson #4 Potter on the Wheel – Cylinder/Mug



             Lesson #5 and Beyond - By appointment only, contact Destiny.

             $15/hour Usually the 5th week of the month.


What is Pottery on the Wheel?

The spinning sort of clay creation! The potter’s wheel is the most popular tool here at The Warehouse.




What is Handbuilding?

Working with the clay by hand. No electrical equipment,

Just knives, hands, and other small tools.


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